FatSecret vs MyFitnessPal



Fatsecret is a place for people interested in food and diet. Sign up and achieve your food, diet and exercise objectives. We consider our functions such as simply recording your food and exercise, keeping a lifetime record of your weight, finding buddies to support you and discovering recipes that are right for you are pretty special, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. You can use your Fatsecret profile with many other applications like Facebook, iGoogle and even on your mobile smartphone. Fatsecret is your one-stop-shop for all things food and diet the secret is out!.

Trends in dieting seem to change with the season one day you're being said to eat bagels, the next, bacon. It all gets a little complicated. That's where Fatsecret comes in. As a helpful and vibrant community, Fatsecret takes the feedback and collective experience of users to discover what actually operates. We are totally independent and try not to give recommendations but rather offer the functions and platform for everyone to achieve their objectives as the community generates answers to all food, diet and exercise questions - united we fall (the weight that is).

Fatsecret is not like those other diet websites that promise no-cost consultations, profiles, plans or advice and then try and push you into some paid offering or 'premium' solution. We are totally no-cost and we very much aim to stay that way. Also, Fatsecret is not affiliated, associated or in any way related to any of the diets or diet organizations that are referenced on our website. We offer our basic opinion on some aspects of these 'popular' diets but in no way endorse or support them or their software we'll leave that to you. Finally, Fatsecret is not a medical company, and data and reports generated by us should not be interpreted as a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis. Some diets may not be suitable for some people and you are urged to seek the advice of a physician before starting any weight loss effort or regimen.
Myfitnesspal is a diet and fitness community built with one purpose in mind : providing you with the functions and support you need to achieve your weight loss objectives. No-cost on-line calorie counter and diet plan. Lose weight by monitoring your caloric intake rapidly and simply. Find nutrition facts for over 1000000 foods.

With Myfitnesspal mobile applications for iPhone and Android, your Myfitnesspal account is always at your finger tips. All our applications work with our site and have access to the same powerful database of over 1284000, foods and restaurant items. Any changes you make on your smartphone will be synced to the web and vice versa so you always have complete and up-to-date access to your account.

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