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Google Health is an on-line solution that helps you take control of your health data. It gives you a easy control panel you can use to monitor all your health-related data and objectives. It also helps you simply organise your health records and health data so they're available when you need them. With Google Health you can create on-line health profiles for yourself and those you care for, define and monitor your progress toward health, wellness, and fitness objectives, download health records from doctors and pharmacies, learn about health problems and find helpful resources, connect to on-line functions and applications, share your health profiles with others such as family and caregivers, organise your medical contacts, including doctors and hospitals.

Google Health provides a easy on-line control panel you can use to monitor all your health-related data and objectives. It also gives you a single, easily-accessible location to consolidate and store your health records and individual health data. Having all your health and health information in one place makes it simple for you to monitor and achieve your health objectives, and have accurate, up-to-date health data for you and your doctors when you need it most.

Some of the ways Google Health can help include :.

- Achieving a wellness or fitness objective. With Google Health, you can define objectives like walking 5000, steps per day or losing 5 pounds, and monitor and record your daily progress toward those objectives.

- Monitoring your wellness metrics. Google Health gives you a control panel for monitoring key wellness statistics like weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and more, so you can stay on top of your wellness. You can even add custom trackers, i.e. to monitor the progress of a pregnancy.

- Customizing your approach to health. You can link your Google Health profile to external applications and devices that can help you manage and enhance your health and wellness.

- Managing your medical history on-line. Maintain a permanent medical record that you control by mixing your health information with your other medical records. Link to participating pharmacies, labs, hospitals, and other providers to import and organise your medical records ; record your medications, allergies, immunizations, conditions, past procedures, and more.
Webmd Not just a place to see what that ache in your back can mean, Webmd provides up a food and fitness tracker so you can monitor your weight, calorie intakes, and even gives you recommendations on food and exercise times built on your objectives.

The Food Calorie Calculator enables to find nutrition facts including calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, sugar, fiber in over 37000, foods and beverages.

Fitness and Exercise Calorie Calculator will give you individual results on over 600 various activities, exercises and sports.

Webmd Food & Fitness Planner enables you to :.

- Set your individual weight objectives and Webmd will calculate calorie recommendations on how to achieve them.

- Discover calories and nutrition facts for 1000's of foods and beverages or add your own, all of which you can log to a meal time.

- Select from 100's of popular activities or add your own to add custom workouts.

- Monitor your calories and view your progress to stay on monitor.

- Monitor your nutrient intake with our saturated fat, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate, fiber, sugar, and protein trackers.

- View progress reports to see how your weight has changed over time.

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